Oedipus The King starring Vince Ferraren


Seventh Stage Production brings into essence one of the most spectacular classical Greek plays, “Oedipus The King” to the theatrical stages of Manila under the direction of Mel Magno. Historically speaking, the Athenian tragedy was originally written by Sophocles and directly performed for his audience.

Prima Stella’s amazing talent, Vince Ferraren, will bring into life the strong and exceptional character of Oedipus Rex as he performs on stage together with the rest of the cast this September at SM Sta. Mesa. 

September 21 & 22, 10am, Cinema 5, SM Sta. Mesa

Brace yourselves for a spectacular production and see what your favorite eye candy has in store for you as he takes on a completely different endeavor. Vince is ecstatic to portray an exciting and intriguing role, which will surely keep you at the edge of your seats…

One thought on “Oedipus The King starring Vince Ferraren

  1. I’ll definitely watch this. I know Vince and some of the cast here personally and they have there great talents. I’m quite excited for this adaptation and I’ll invite my subordinates to watch this.

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